Meet “Sparty”. He was known to everyone who saw him at the shelter as “The Dog in the Rain”. A young lady saw him chained to a fence – cold, sick, soaking wet and starved in the truck parking lot behind T.J. Maxx on E. Independence in Charlotte. It was pouring rain and 38 degrees outside. Not knowing what to do, she called animal control thinking if they came and got him, at least he would be warm and fed and someone would have 30 days to adopt him. She soon found out he only had 3 days for his “owner” to reclaim him and then he would be Put to Sleep. Panicked, she sent an e-mail to the Animal Adoption League and begged for help. One of our members answered her and found another member who said “I’ll foster him!”


So they did. The rest is history! Sparty is now a loving member of this Michigan State Spartan family (hence the name) and he is the “Best Dog In the Whole World”! Talk about team work. That’s what the AAL is all about!

He was picked up by the member who received the e-mail on the day he was to be put to sleep, (neutered of course) but seriously malnourished, suffering from infected ears, and 4 kinds of parasites. He was taken to a vet to wait for his foster mom to come and pick him up. On the way back home, the people who picked him up at the shelter looked at each other and said “I think we need to go back and get him!”

Sparty Home Atlast! “By the way, Sparty is a “Designer Dog”. We just don’t know who the designer was! Just shows how many wonderful non purebreds are out there just waiting for their forever home.”