From the Side of theRoad……..

First I have to thank with all my heart Joy Weatt for taking Beau (Trooper) in and nursing him back to health.
I had been to the Petsmart adoption one Saturday and walked in and made eye contact with this skinny,sad looking black and white pitbull mix. I feel in love with him at first look. I went straight home and filled out the paper work and Beau was in my home ASAP. After nursing him further back to health..Beau turned into a beautiful and strong babydoll…I had already adopted a female pit/boxer earlier in the year and the two of them are in love. Beau now has a wonderful life with Breezy. Everynight Beau sleeps beside in the bed and he has a moan when you hug him that is priceless.

Thanks to everyone who helped Beau receive a chance at life and I am forever grateful and thankful that someone did not turn their head when they saw him.

I love and worship my two Pit babies and they have brought me to tears with their love for each other…THANK YOU!!!!

Jeff Wingate