Paws in the Kitchen Cookbooks

Paws in the Kitchen

Handcrafted cuisine

The Animal Adoption League has created a new cookbook for our human friends, Paws in the Kitchen

Our hard-cover cookbook includes 200 recipes for appetizers, beverages, soups and salads, main dishes, vegetables and side dishes, desserts, cookies, and candies, with special treats for our beloved dogs and cats.

Paws in the Kitchen is a great holiday gift for family members, friends, teachers, hostesses, new brides, and students furnishing their first apartment! Order several copies so you will have them on hand.

Another way to help us save and support more animals. Thank you!

Indicate below how many cookbooks you want to order. Click the Buy Now button and follow the instructions to pay for your cookbooks through PayPal or a credit card. If you have questions, send an email to

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Please support Animal Adoption League by purchasing and spreading the word about this great product. Our volunteers use it on both their personal and foster animals (dogs and cats!) with fantastic results.
FurRefresh cleans, conditions, calms itchy skin and helps repel pests. This is an all natural Eco-friendly dry shampoo that is made out of culinary ingredients so it’s harmless to the animal. In addition the York County Animal Shelter uses it and there is an on-line testimonial from their Vet.

Please go to to see the four scents available, the testimonials and to order today. A portion of each can sold comes to Animal Adoption League so that we can continue saving lives. When you place your order on the website below just put a dash and AAL beside your name and our organization will get a check from the company. Please order soon as we only have a limited amount of time to receive a portion of the proceeds!

safe_image.phpDry Pet Shampoo by Holcombe Organics

FurRefresh is an all culinary, safe, chemical-free, lickable, eco-friendly, dry shampoo for cats and dogs. Available in four scents, each choice is created with culinary spices and each offers individual health benefits. Vanilla and Lavender also provide aromatherapy for stress reduction, relaxation.


Flower Power


Rowlie Sniffing 2002

Animal Adoption League’s
Flower Power Fundraiser – Spring 2015

Save animals and plant a garden all at the same time!

$5 flat fee per shipping address  – delivered right to your door.

Deadline to order is May 1st.  Shipping will begin approximately 4-12 business days after deadline and will come directly from Flower Power.  The Animal Adoption League will earn 50% of every purchase.


Meet “Sparty”. He was known to everyone who saw him at the shelter as “The Dog in the Rain”. A young lady saw him chained to a fence – cold, sick, soaking wet and starved in the truck parking lot behind T.J. Maxx on E. Independence in Charlotte. It was pouring rain and 38 degrees outside. Not knowing what to do, she called animal control thinking if they came and got him, at least he would be warm and fed and someone would have 30 days to adopt him. She soon found out he only had 3 days for his “owner” to reclaim him and then he would be Put to Sleep. Panicked, she sent an e-mail to the Animal Adoption League and begged for help. One of our members answered her and found another member who said “I’ll foster him!”


So they did. The rest is history! Sparty is now a loving member of this Michigan State Spartan family (hence the name) and he is the “Best Dog In the Whole World”! Talk about team work. That’s what the AAL is all about!

He was picked up by the member who received the e-mail on the day he was to be put to sleep, (neutered of course) but seriously malnourished, suffering from infected ears, and 4 kinds of parasites. He was taken to a vet to wait for his foster mom to come and pick him up. On the way back home, the people who picked him up at the shelter looked at each other and said “I think we need to go back and get him!”

Sparty Home Atlast! “By the way, Sparty is a “Designer Dog”. We just don’t know who the designer was! Just shows how many wonderful non purebreds are out there just waiting for their forever home.”


Dear AAL Friends, I just wanted to let you know that Snowball is doing great. She has been with us almost two weeks and you would think she has always lived in our home. She is the perfect dog!!! She lets us know when she needs to go out, she walks well on a leash and she is the BEST at cuddling. Our corgi T-Bone loves having a fur sister to play with. Thank you so much Lauren for fostering Snowball until she found a forever home with our family.


The Blairs


My husband and I adopted Max in the fall of 2007 and we are so glad that we did. He was suggested to us by an AAL volunteer after we inquired about another dog that had already been adopted. Clearly we were meant to adopt Max! He has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we love him dearly. We like to call him our 65 lb lap dog because he loves to snuggle and be as close to you as possible. We adopted a second dog named Orion so that Max would have a friend, and it is like they were separated at birth! They love to run and play together in our backyard, and it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. We have been so lucky to have both of our boys come into our lives! Thank you so much for helping us bring Max into our family!


Ashley and Wes Broome



My name is Michelle.  My husband Mark and I adopted Piglet, a staffordshire terrier mix, from AAL almost a year-and-a-half ago.  She is now 2 years old and so beautiful!  The story below was written by AAL volunteer, Beth, in December 2008…
“I just thought I would share a great story.. Never say Never right???

Piglet is a black, Pittie girl that was found in the rain on the streets one night. Even though Jennifer and Daniel (the people who found her) had many things going on (7 months pregnant, moving out of town, etc.) they DID NOT TURN THEIR BACKS ON PIGLET!!! They brought her in…oh, and did I mention Piglet had absolutely no hair- YES she had mange.  They vetted Piglet and went above and beyond to get her well….many vet appointments and care for her.  Well, Kylie put out a plea for help for Piglet to the group as things were getting desperate.  Jennifer was going to have her baby and they were moving to Minnesota! But who would be able to take a black Pittie girl with mange that was probably living on the streets?? Piglet stayed on my mind and I was able to meet her. What a sweetheart.  My friend and co-worker (Michelle) said she wanted to meet her; she just has that way about her.  AAL didn’t have a foster so Michelle and Mark my friends said they would foster her until we got one…as one of our new fosters, Jennifer, was going to help after the holidays.  Well, Piglet has been fostered by my friends for a month now and they have fallen in love…. they say she is the best little girl–great with kids and people and very sweet…great inside and very obedient!! THEY HAVE DECIDED TO ADOPT HER!!! Today I had a doggie play date with Piggy (that’s what we call her) and my doggies including Boomer(yes I still have him) and signed the papers.  Piglet is now with a loving family and I can tell she is truly happy!!!

At the beginning of Piglet’s journey I think one email said… this poor girl needs a miracle… Well, just thought I would share that Piglet has gotten hers… Here is a picture about 1 month ago and here she is now at Christmas… still has a way to go with her skin but she is now very much loved and has her forever home!!!
For all my Pittie lovers out there–it’s worth it!!!!!!!
Thank you Daniel and Jennifer for not turning a blind eye to a dog in need.. You have made a difference!
Thanks Kylie and Jennifer for helping along the way!
Happy 2009!”
Beth K.

What a story, huh?  And thank you AAL and Beth K. for Piglet.  (She is also great with our parrot by the way!  Well, in the sense that she doesn’t try to eat him…)  I am still amazed at what the people who found her (Daniel and Jennifer) did for her.  They gave us all of her vet records and the amount of money, time, and energy they spent on a stray that they couldn’t keep is unbelievable!  They were just regular people with a lot going on who looked beyond themselves for this ugly street dog in the rain (and yes, when we first saw photos of Piglet we laughed and said she was so ugly–we we didn’t want her!)  There is a special place in heaven for Daniel and Jennifer; I pray that they receive the blessings they deserve.  Piglet makes us so happy; she is so dang cute!  I have attached the 2 photos that Beth referred to in her story, as well as 2 more recent photos.  One is her in the pool at Camp Bark (July 2009) which she LOVES!  The other is from Nov. 2009.  Look at those ears!!  Who can resist her??  We cannot.
Michelle Kovack


My wife and I adopted a dog from Animal Adoption league. We had waited until after we got married to get a dog because we jokingly agreed to no puppies out of wedlock. So getting a dog was a big deal, and we planned it out for a year or more. We decided early on to adopt rather than purchasing from a breeder. We new we wanted a medium size dog that was not over the top with energy.
We found a half rottweiler half sheppard or maybe pit-bull and fell in love. She was very sweet to us from the beginning and has only been better with time. She went thru the Dog Wizard program and starts agility program next week. Just this saturday she walked the entire St Patricks day parade in Charlotte with out a leash! Please utilize rescue organizations whenever possible. It is the best decision we have made!


Jim and Heather

From the Side of theRoad……..

First I have to thank with all my heart Joy Weatt for taking Beau (Trooper) in and nursing him back to health.
I had been to the Petsmart adoption one Saturday and walked in and made eye contact with this skinny,sad looking black and white pitbull mix. I feel in love with him at first look. I went straight home and filled out the paper work and Beau was in my home ASAP. After nursing him further back to health..Beau turned into a beautiful and strong babydoll…I had already adopted a female pit/boxer earlier in the year and the two of them are in love. Beau now has a wonderful life with Breezy. Everynight Beau sleeps beside in the bed and he has a moan when you hug him that is priceless.

Thanks to everyone who helped Beau receive a chance at life and I am forever grateful and thankful that someone did not turn their head when they saw him.

I love and worship my two Pit babies and they have brought me to tears with their love for each other…THANK YOU!!!!

Jeff Wingate

Hello from the Rosinki-Morgan family! Took some great pics of Lola today with her brother Spanky. She LOVES the fireplace, we joke she is tanning her belly. She is doing very well, still likes to go after cats but we are working on it. She is our special girl, we love her dearly.