Volunteers are the lifelines for the Animal Adoption League. Through their efforts, we are able to educate the community and raise public awareness of our organization and the services we offer. There are many ways in which you can help! 

Foster homes cats and dogs
Extra hands at fundraiser's
Extra hands at adoption events
Administrative Assistance
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Animals rescued by AAL stay in volunteer foster homes.  Often these animals are found sick and in need of socialization and training.  Our foster parents volunteer their time and money to give them the care and attention they deserve.  The ongoing issue of at-risk animals due to overpopulation and abandonment provides for a constant need to find suitable, loving foster homes.

Fostering is a big responsibility and needs to be considered thoughtfully.  Taking the animals to vet appointments and Adoption Events is part of the commitment.  Additionally, rescue animal may have a contagious disease and need to be isolated from other pets until they recover.  Social issues like dominancy and territorial behavior must also be handled slowly and carefully; allowing each animal the opportunity to find their place in the group. 

It is very easy to develop a close bond with foster animals.  And, although giving them up to their adoptive family is difficult, another suffering animal is then given a chance at the same loving experience.  Keeping this in mind helps us remember how important this process is to help the most innocent creatures.

If you are interested in fostering, please take some time to consider the types and sizes that would fit best in your household as animals are carefully placed in foster homes most ideally suited to their temperaments and needs.  Then, complete AAL’s Foster Questionnaire. A volunteer will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your application.  
The Animal Adoption League holds several large fundraiser's every year. We are always in need of new ideas, recruiting new sponsors, help in receiving various donations for the events and to simply help get the word out. Without the public getting involved and being aware of what we do we simply would not survive. We run solely off donations and have NO paid volunteers. These fundraiser's are a huge part in saving more lives. For a list of annual events please click HERE. If you would like to volunteer at these events please click HERE.  A volunteer will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your application.

We have several adoption events held in various locations. They are held mostly on Saturday's mid day. We are in need of extra hands to hold dogs, help in transporting fosters to these events, help with setting up and breaking down our information tables and crates. These events are crucial to our foster animals. These venues allow the public to meet the animals and interact with their potential new family members. We do not have a shelter for people to come a browse. This exposure is all our fosters receive. If you would like to volunteer with adoption events please click HERE.  A volunteer will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your application. 
Administration help is a GREAT way to help rescue animals without having to foster or attend weekly adoption events. This task is usually behind the scenes but very crucial to helping our rescue run. Most of the tasks can be done from home on your own time and requires no travel. Duties consist of crosposting for dogs in need of help, bookkeeping, taking minutes at our meetings, posting blogs, writing stories to be featured on our website and other Internet venues, aiding in grant writing, researching new grants and various other tasks. If this is something you would like to volunteer for please click HERE.  A volunteer will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your application.

"AAL" tries in every way to find safe places for animals in need. One of these ways include transporting animals up north to various animal rescues. We are always in need of drivers to drive animals either on legs of a long distance transport or a couple of hours to meet a flight or go to a rescue. We also need temporary places for animals to stay while they are awaiting transport. This process can take approximately two weeks for the transport to be arranged, but depending on the circumstance it could be a longer waiting period or shorter.  
The purpose of transporting animals up north is to give them more of an opportunity to find loving homes.  Sadly certain breeds, pit bulls being the most prominent are harder to adopt out even though they are fabulous dogs.  Since we can't foster them all ...... we are finding other ways to move them to safety.  We only work with rescues that we have screened and share our same values (no kill, no declawing of cats, screen potential adopters etc.....). If you would like to volunteer with transporting please click HERE. A volunteer will be in contact with you shortly after receiving your application.